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Following a 12 year stint at the helm of one of Victoria's most successful brewpubs, legendary brewmaster Sean Hoyne decided to open his own brewery in Victoria, BC. Caste worked with Sean from the brewery's inception, to develop a brand that reflected his approach to making beer: finely crafted but not too serious, contemporary with a healthy respect for tradition.

Caste worked to conceptualize imagery, create custom typography and illustrations, and manage print production for the labels of Hoyne's first four releases. The playful, hand-crafted illustrations reference local lore, folk tales, and some of Sean's personal anecdotes, while the classically formed, foil-stamped logo adds an upscale touch to give a nod to the quality and craftsmanship found in the beer itself.

Caste's work with Hoyne Brewing Co., is ongoing.


- Branding
- Graphic Design
- Illustration
- Print production